Happy International Women's Day

Hello gorgeous women around the world! It's your day!
Happy International Women's Day!

Not trying to be a high and mighty feminist but I'm super duper thankful I am given one life on this earth as a woman and if reincarnation is indeed possible, I would still want to be rebirthed a woman in the next life. It may not be the perfect gender. It may have its own fair share of perks and boos. It may not have started quite right, and gender discrimination may still exist after decades of women's protests and reformations, but I am more than grateful that as a woman, I feel predestined to shine a little candle of hope, sprinkle a jar of happy glitter and create a positive impact on this earth. If you're a woman, and even if you're not physically, stand up and be proud. We're not only created to birth the next generation. We too are created to be inspirations that break the barriers of social norms and create a world with equal opportunities and equal access to a better life.

To celebrate being a woman, why not create a WeHeartIt account and a folder dedicated to every single thing you love about being a woman. From beauty and fashion to books and baking, basically every little thing you're thankful about that you're sure you won't be enjoying as much if you were a man, make your own gallery of photos that highlight your gratitude for the gender God has given you. You can always print a few and post them anywhere you wish so that during personal struggles, you'll always be encouraged in life  and reminded of the things you are grateful for.