How to See Your Aura

Here’s something interesting.

You know how sometimes you see someone and instantly you get a feel of how the person’s personality is without knowing anything about them firsthand? (Like how we can easily tell which one is plastic or which one seems untrustworthy) Well, it’s all about the Aura.
An aura is like an envelope of energy around each of us. It’s an outer glowing projection of our spiritual being and maybe our personality and destiny as well. There are different types of auras. We can easily observe these in the plethora of personalities available for humankind.

The color of our auras can change from time to time depending on our mood. Usually it extends from 2-3 feet away from your body. Its frequency can also change depending on some life triggers such as traumatic experiences and constant mind conditioning.
Your aura may often felt but it can also manifest visually. Here’s a trick I learned on how to see auras and get a more introspective view of your persona. It’s actually easy and a little mind boggling.

When I tried this, I wasn’t sure if it was just my eyes producing colors from staring onto something for quite a while. However, when I read about the color I saw, I knew this has got to be real. Try it for yourself.

How to See your Aura:

1.) Place your subject against a solid background that is light in color. If you want to look at your own aura stand in front of a mirror. Be at least 2 feet away, against a light background.
2.) Focus your attention to the L- shaped spot between the shoulder and the neck. Keep staring at this area and remain calm and open.
3.) At first you may see a white or clear glow. Remain focused and expand your eye line out to the rest of the body. The glow will start expanding into a color.

If you see….

This indicates an energetic and adventurous individual. It can also indicate someone who is impulsive and quick to anger.

 This indicates an intelligent and logical person who is perhaps a teacher of some sort. They are keen observers, critical and are very independent.

This indicates a very nurturing and loving individual that enjoys the company of others. They are natural healers, sensitive and have strong imaginations.

This indicates a highly creative individual who is also hard working. They can be perfectionists and often make good leaders. They are generous, well respected and health conscious.

This indicates a highly sociable soul who enjoys attention and being in the limelight. They are people pleasers, are willing to give and are very in-tune with others emotions.

This indicates a highly psychic or intuitive person who is philosophical and inquisitive. They may come across as being secretive and they are often very in-tune with animals, nature and children. They are caring individuals but often don’t like commitment.

This indicates a strong communicator who has many ideas and visions. They are also intuitive and highly intelligent. They are calm when it comes to emotions and are born motivators and inspirers. People with blue auras can at times be workaholics and manipulative.

This indicates a very creative soul who loves to surround themselves in beauty and art. They enjoy the company of others and are often very attractive. People are drawn to those with gold auras so often they will have many friends. They are independent but can be stubborn.

This indicates a very gifted individual who is highly intuitive, sensitive and psychic. They have a deep spiritual understanding and are often healers of some kind. They are very attractive to others however, they prefer to have just a few close friends.

This indicates an individual who is depressed, negative or very fearful and anxious. These auras indicate that a cleansing or healing is needed.