Corporate Party Boss Girl

For someone who left the shackles of a mundane employee life, an independent business woman must always dress the part: corporate on the outside, party on the inside, or the other way around. Gone are the days when female entrepreneurs wore suits patterned according to what men wore. No longer are women stereotyped to be merely secretaries and employees (or vulgar paramours) of Business Men. These days, the cultural boost of Business Women has impacted the lives of girls everywhere to be more ambitious, productive and empowered and I tell you dear empowered #BossGirls, Corporate Fashion has never been this sexy.

For these outfit combos, I picked two main clothing pieces: One blazer/coat, one dress/top. One plain, simple and modest piece, the other represents that of a party animal but I decided not to put in bodycons because I think the party animal is going to be too obvious with that. I wanted the two pieces to be somewhat in harmony and when worn can still look gorgeous as hell and at the same time, respectable. From there I styled the accessories which I think compliments them.

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Which of these ensembles are your favorite?