Miss Eleigh Neux Files: July 2015

Vogue Japan November 2012 shot by Mark Segal

Wow, is it August already? I must have been sleeping an awful lot in July. Anyways, I have a question for you guys: Do you think it's negative juju to announce or talk about great opportunities before they happen? Because more often than not I find myself missing opportunities after I've somehow divulged it to a few people. It sucks but I gotta be open with my dear readers and come clean. This isn't easy to say. 

I was not accepted in UP Diliman for their interior design course, which is weird because it's a technical art course. Who the heck is stupid enough to fail an art course interview? I guess that would be me. I'd like to think that they simply prioritized the freshmen instead of the 2nd degree holders but I have sour graped my ass off already. It's time to move on. I still have my online business, I have this blog, I have awesome readers, and I'll still continue to blog about interior design stuff. I believe that passions don't die with every little frustration. I just gotta get up and keep going, and so should you too. Don't let anyone or anything stop you in your pursuit of your individual passions. If opportunities are missed, probably it's not the right time yet. Take a pause, but don't stop. Just keep going. It may just pay off someday, at the right time.  


I have always thought Oprah was overrated. I had to be an adult to realize why women worship her. Take some wisdom from the 21st century Renaissance woman herself. 

Did you know you could make a kimono in just 10 minutes? Damn I gotta try this.

Do you consider yourself weird? Well, this article says how awesome it is to be one! 

Being an entrepreneur, sometimes you need the help of other people. Although it's hard to pick the star employee that will truly be an asset to your start up company, you can always get the best out of first impressions during an interview. That is, when you know the right questions to ask.


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