What's Your Birth Stone?

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but birth stones make jewelry buying and wearing a little more personal than simply being fashionable. It's not always about which jewelry piece goes with what dress. Some people consider the meaning behind each stone they wear.

Birth stones may have started way back in the Exodus era pertaining to the Breastplate of Aaron that contained 12 gem stones, each representing the 12 tribes of Israel. Also being linked with the 12 astrological signs of the Chinese Zodiac, birth stones are claimed to have tremendous if not mystical effects to whoever are wearing them.

If you're curious as to what piece of stone you desperately need in your altar or your jewelry, check this infographic by Chan Luu.

What's your stone?

Want to be a Social Entrepreneur? Experience the Lifestyle at ImpactHub Manila

For about a year now, I have just started creating and selling my own products, Pocket Nursing Guides online. From conception, to execution to marketing, I have relied solely on myself and my 'I-Can-Do-Anything' attitude. I gotta admit that it has been a nerve racking year not only because I was a one woman sweat shop but mainly because I don't really consider myself a sales person. What really fuels me to keep at what I started was that one conscientious decision to no longer be an employee and to prove to myself that I can build a sustainable brand that my family and I will be proud of. And if I had to take my business from a hobby into a company with a few trusted people to back me up, I had to get up and go look for them myself.

How to Get Out of a Red Flag Situation

This has been such a busy week for me. Apart from the big domain name change, I have also been going places to sell my Pocket Nursing Guides. The best part is, I have started to actually attend a bloggers event, which is a huge huge deal for an introvert like me.

So here's the dish. I'm 24 and a desperate millennial. I set myself up for goals to survive this year and to actually get involved in a corporate project. I figured staying at home won't give me as much inspiration and know-how if I were to create a business apart from my selling hobbies. So I joined this co-working seminar. I met a few business minded individuals with different areas of expertise and we got to talking and planning, which was really awesome because I never had people in my life who supported my 'ideas'.

My Personal Checklist for Changing Domain Names

Having changed my domain name a few times now I figured I should share with you my personal checklist, a list of everything you should do or check off before re-launching your new domain name. There's no perfect one time blog name for most of us. Time passes, people change and so should our online presence adapt to those changes too. I came from GeminiWings to BitchandPieces to MissEleighNeux.blogspot and recently Miss Eleigh Neux.com. I've lost a lot of traffic already so this time I made sure I'm not just jumping to the thought of a better domain but I'm also taking in consideration the traffic I have created and maintained in a year.

Saying Goodbye to MissEleighNeux

I remember writing Ingredients for an Unforgettable Domain Name earlier in July, and since then I have been plotting to change my domain name as soon as it expires, which is anytime this month. The reason being is that I have recently realized that I couldn't market my brand properly without me having to spell everything and I feel as if I have gone a little overboard with choosing that name just so I can insert my nickname. Eleigh is not a regular name. People would rather associate it with "L.A." which is confusing, not to mention inserting it inside a well-known word "Miscellaneous" with a twisted spelling no one has ever and will ever bother to think about. It's a little complicated, a little over-thought and would barely scratch the surface of anyone's memory. I realize I couldn't be a credible blogging savant if I keep this forgettable name.