My Personal Checklist for Changing Domain Names

Having changed my domain name a few times now I figured I should share with you my personal checklist, a list of everything you should do or check off before re-launching your new domain name. There's no perfect one time blog name for most of us. Time passes, people change and so should our online presence adapt to those changes too. I came from GeminiWings to BitchandPieces to MissEleighNeux.blogspot and recently Miss Eleigh I've lost a lot of traffic already so this time I made sure I'm not just jumping to the thought of a better domain but I'm also taking in consideration the traffic I have created and maintained in a year.

This is a simple infographic I have created to guide you guys if ever you're planning to have a domain name change too. It sucks to lose traffic and start at numero uno. However, I'm sure you can easily get back up with an organized system. You may have noticed this infographic includes a few technical aspects and those I wish to share with you in future posts in my Blogging101 series.

So, with that, I welcome you all to Whatever Babe dotcom.
Same ish, better blog name. Still Eleigh, better domain. I'm looking forward to start posting and sharing awesome random stuff that I'm sure will delight the curious and inspire the ordinary.

PS. Giveaway coming up. Wink wink

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