Saying Goodbye to MissEleighNeux

I remember writing Ingredients for an Unforgettable Domain Name earlier in July, and since then I have been plotting to change my domain name as soon as it expires, which is anytime this month. The reason being is that I have recently realized that I couldn't market my brand properly without me having to spell everything and I feel as if I have gone a little overboard with choosing that name just so I can insert my nickname. Eleigh is not a regular name. People would rather associate it with "L.A." which is confusing, not to mention inserting it inside a well-known word "Miscellaneous" with a twisted spelling no one has ever and will ever bother to think about. It's a little complicated, a little over-thought and would barely scratch the surface of anyone's memory. I realize I couldn't be a credible blogging savant if I keep this forgettable name.

Honestly I feel a little jitter while writing this because once again I'll be going through the trouble of the long and daunting process of blog re-branding. I'm no SEO expert but after losing traffic every time I change my mind about my domain, I'm pretty sure I'll nail it this time.

Probably it's coincidence that as I was contemplating this domain transfer, I saw GoDaddy's ad about domain names for P45 for the first year. After thinking about what my new domain name's going to be, I decided to finally give up on inserting my name on it but still retain that same sense of randomness. And for P45? Damn I couldn't let that sweet deal pass so I went ahead and got me a new domain name.

 I came up with 
It's simple, random, and memorable.

I'm alerting you now my fantastic readers of the change I'm going to take once again. It's going to take me about a week (if I'm fortunate) to tweak everything related to my blog. 

It has been an awesome year and in my pursuit of sharing ideas, gratitude and love for life, I would now have to say goodbye to MissEleighNeux. This is just to say I'm changing my domain. I am not and will not ever completely abandon this blog and my lovely audience. I will still continue to write compelling articles, share borderline genius ideas and blog my heart out for you guys.

What do you think about my new domain name?

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