How to Steal the Wedding Scene with Cocomelody

Whether you're a bride who dreams of being the center of attention during your own wedding, or you're a bridesmaid who can't help but want to steal the scene during your best friend's wedding (yes, they still exist), Cocomelody has the best collections to accompany your dreams or schemes.

Aside from the uber girly pink web design, another thing I love the most about Cocomelody is that they have an extensive online platform for wedding dress customization. Every dress you click brings you to this page that lays out all available colors and textile, plus there's a measurement guide complete with an infographic of how you should take your measurements, so you can't sue them if you take the wrong measurements (or you suddenly gained weight). Also, Cocomelody has been in the wedding industry for 15 years and they have physical stores in US, Germany, Japan and Netherlands so you don't have to worry about anything. They know their stuff.

I'll be sharing with you some of my favorite short to mid-length wedding dresses. If you're one of those hipster brides, these beach wedding dresses and destination wedding dresses would be really perfect for any unconventional venue of your choice.

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