#WCW: Meytal Cohen

Meytal Cohen is one of my precious Youtube finds since I started living with people who play hard metal day in and day out. It's not everyday you encounter a female drummer who plays hardcore pagan music and still look as girly as Meytal.

Badass? Definitely.
That's why she makes my first #WCW Woman Crush Wednesday feature.

Born in 9th of August 1984 in the city of Ramat Gan, Israel, Meytal, with a name that sounds like someone predestined to metal rock, was raised by her mother along with 6 other siblings. After high school graduation, she was enlisted in the Israeli Defense Force, which was strictly mandatory. She served her country for 2 years before she started tinkering with a drum set at 18. 

At the age of 21, after falling deeply in love with the drumbeats, she moved to Los Angeles to study in LA Music Academy. For start up musicians like her, the LA music industry wasn't as accommodating considering the tight competition. Add in the talented kids who ditched school for music. It was hard. Getting big in the music industry was really slim.

Thank God for Youtube, right? One time after deciding to film and upload a jam session in Youtube, the one with the metal violin cover of System of a Down's Toxicity, she noticed a huge spike in viewers and subscribers, and that kickstarted her Youtube career. 

I mean come on. Even I got obsessed watching her videos. Everybody loves watching a girl dress like a princess and smash the drums like the motherlovin' king of the jungle. She makes it look so easy it's ridiculous. My boyfriend plays the drums well and I couldn't even coordinate my limbs.

Since then, she has formed a metal band named "Meytal" together with Eric Emery (lead vocals), Travis Montgomery (lead guitar), Doc Coyle (rhythm guitar), and Anel Pedrero (bass guitar). She still keeps her Youtube channel alive with heavy metal drum covers, live tours with Meytal and an irresistible invite for free online drum classes.

Sit back, relax and be smitten.

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