Whateverbabe Files: August 2015

If you're a workaholic like me, probably you would understand why I'm posting Whateverbabe files on the 5th of September. Excuses aside, this month has been really busy for me, a bit of a 360 degree twirl on a roller coaster. I transferred to a new apartment, my laptop met its untimely death, my online orders are increasing in number and my long term business plans are slowly taking shape. I simply had to keep up with the pace and miss a few days of blogging.

Blogging is my ultimate boredom buster, and when I have a lot on my plate, I can't help but feel guilty about setting it aside for the time being. Looking back I feel as if I had slacked off a little with posting. In fact, I have a lot in my drafts but I never got to finishing any. My editorial calendar is a mess and I simply needed a time out.

Have you ever experienced a blogging catastrophe such as this? Everything slowly picking up after half a year of staleness, scaring the living shit out of you but at the same time getting your heart pumping like you just ingested a pitcher of coffee? It's radical and I'm loving every bit of it. Even if I had to miss a few days in the blogosphere, I couldn't be any happier writing about the adventures I had this month. Because there's a ton!

Now that I have the time of day, I would love to share with you my August and the itty-bitty things that made me neurotic and ecstatic at the same time.


Ethiopian Haute Couture

The Evolution of Batman LOGO

The Sad Truth about Today's World

Typography by Greg Coulton

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