Feng Shui 101: Earth Element

If there's one feng shui element that keeps all the other elements grounded and maintains a sense of stability in the home, it's got to be the Earth Element. Ground-ed. Get it?

 Ever wonder why Mother Earth is a mother and not a father? It's because the earth element appeals to the strong, nurturing female energy and like a mother, it also serves as the heart of the home, that warm and cozy vibe that makes a home feel homey. It's also one of the most predominant elements found on a man-cave type of room design.

Tips for Single Women Circa 1938

Okay ladies, save your eye rolling for later. These guidelines were obviously written by a man if not an old spinster living in such a joyless marriage.

The 1930s was a time where modesty and proper etiquette was a sort of a life and death thing for women. Ladies were expected to strive for perfection while keeping their lesser gender status. They were trained to wear make up, dress properly and act like a duchess not for themselves but for men. Not surprisingly, in this set of dating guidelines circa 1938, single women are taught how to please a man by being an enhanced version of themselves instead of finding love or someone who accepts them for who they are in the dating scene.

Men don’t like girls who borrow their handkerchief and smudge them with lipstick.

Makeup in privacy, not where he sees you.

If you need a brassiere, wear one.

Don’t tug at your girdle and be careful your stockings are not wrinkled.

Don’t sit in awkward positions, and never looked bored even if you are.

Be alert, and if you must chew gum (not advised) do it silently, mouth closed.

Don’t use the car mirror to fix your makeup.

Man needs it in driving, and it annoys him very much to have to turn around to see what’s behind him.

Careless women never appeal to gentlemen.

Don’t talk while dancing, for when a man dances he wants to dance.

Don’t drink too much, as a man expects you to keep your dignity all evening.

Drinking may make some girls seem clever, but most get silly.

Don’t be sentimental or try to get him to say something he doesn’t want to by working on his emotions. Men don’t like tears, especially in public places.

Don’t be familiar with your escort by caressing him in public.

Any open show of affection is in bad taste, usually embarrasses or humiliates him.

Don’t talk about clothes or try to describe your new gown to a man.

Please and flatter your date by talking about the things he wants to talk about.

Don’t be familiar with the headwaiter talking about the fun you had with someone else another time.

Men deserve, desire your attention.

Don’t be conspicuous talking to other men.

The last straw is to pass out from too much liquor.

Chances are your date will never call you again!

It's really nice to see these evidences of gender inequality from the old times. Makes me appreciate how amazing it is to be born in the 21st century. Anyway, these aren't all that ridiculous and I'm sure you won't be rolling your eyes for too long. Some are actually funny.

Unfortunately in the 21st century, some men like to get you drunk and hammered. And yes, you won’t see them again.

Urbanista: A Tribute to Urban Lifestyle

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

Urbanista came out of a vision to glorify the urban lifestyle and create products that make life better for modern people in urban developments. We design for life in motion.  Every product in the Urbanista portfolio is developed to serve a need for the target group - the Urbanistas. Within the tight portfolio, the offering is wide. The retail environment shall clearly show the most relevant product for each consumer. The Urbanista products are meant to be life companions. Therefore they are developed with design and colors in focus. The products should not only enhance the life of the Urbanistas with the functions, but also the looks.

Urbanista is launching in the Philippines, really soon! Familiarize yourself with the different Urbanista earphones.

Tagged for Another Liebster 2015

This is actually my second time to be nominated for a Liebster. It was last year when Ajein of Ajeinomoto tagged me a bunch of personal questions and I guess I just love Q&As that this year a blogger friend, Bhebs of RicomeetsBhebs invited me for another set of personal questions. And I can't help but feel important for once. I'm lovin' this. 

Unbeknownst to some, the Liebster Award is a simple blogger tag used by bloggers who are in to socializing within the blogosphere. If a blog interests you and you want to get to know the blogger behind it, and possibly expand your social network, then the Liebster Award is one of the tools to try. There's actually a badge for this that you put up your sidebar to let the world know you've been tagged but it's not mandatory.

Let's get started.

Geeking Tom Presents: The Shirt Wars

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was this girl who always wanted to watch Star Wars but never got around to it because she secretly thought it would provoke an obsession within her. Years later, that girl became a blogger and nerded off with Game of Thrones.

Now that I've somehow gotten in touch with my geeky side, let me introduce you all to an awesome Filipino-owned and managed shirt company that caters to your inner geek. 

Set Yourself Free this October

October is not always about the beer. Sometimes, it also signals a time for self-evaluation before the year ends once again and a new year full of hopes and dreams comes. I'm so lucky I have these moments where I am reminded of how things used to be, or rather how I used to be. In these short blissful moments, I realize that how I used to think and feel about the world has come such a long way.

From a totally depressed and angry teenager, somehow I grew up to learn that the world is not something to hate or be resentful about. It's true there are a lot of imperfections we will always encounter but life itself does not suck.

And I've struggled to live through those trying times but learned to see the light in every situation. I'm loving myself more and the more I appreciate myself with all my imperfections, the world slowly becomes a little more colorful and high definition. It's addictive how radical self love has taught me to embrace myself and the world for what it is. And today I would like to share with you a few gems of wisdom I truly keep dear to my heart.

And just so you know, I wrote this down sober.