Set Yourself Free this October

October is not always about the beer. Sometimes, it also signals a time for self-evaluation before the year ends once again and a new year full of hopes and dreams comes. I'm so lucky I have these moments where I am reminded of how things used to be, or rather how I used to be. In these short blissful moments, I realize that how I used to think and feel about the world has come such a long way.

From a totally depressed and angry teenager, somehow I grew up to learn that the world is not something to hate or be resentful about. It's true there are a lot of imperfections we will always encounter but life itself does not suck.

And I've struggled to live through those trying times but learned to see the light in every situation. I'm loving myself more and the more I appreciate myself with all my imperfections, the world slowly becomes a little more colorful and high definition. It's addictive how radical self love has taught me to embrace myself and the world for what it is. And today I would like to share with you a few gems of wisdom I truly keep dear to my heart.

And just so you know, I wrote this down sober.

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