Tagged for Another Liebster 2015

This is actually my second time to be nominated for a Liebster. It was last year when Ajein of Ajeinomoto tagged me a bunch of personal questions and I guess I just love Q&As that this year a blogger friend, Bhebs of RicomeetsBhebs invited me for another set of personal questions. And I can't help but feel important for once. I'm lovin' this. 

Unbeknownst to some, the Liebster Award is a simple blogger tag used by bloggers who are in to socializing within the blogosphere. If a blog interests you and you want to get to know the blogger behind it, and possibly expand your social network, then the Liebster Award is one of the tools to try. There's actually a badge for this that you put up your sidebar to let the world know you've been tagged but it's not mandatory.

Let's get started.

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