Get Yourself a Long Hair To Go with OMGNB

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I have a confession to make.
I'm planning to have a pixie cut by the end of the year. I'm going to dye it purple and I'm still contemplating whether I could pull it off or not. Here's my favorite inspiration photo .

I believe a shorter hair makes a woman edgier in today's generation. Judging from a couple of America's Next Top Model makeover episodes, a shorter hair is a sign of a woman's boldness. Whiny girls cry when their hair is cut short while badass women wear the androgynous do like a boss. A girl's biggest dilemma in cutting her hair short is always about missing her long hair and the plethora of hairstyles she can do with it. Aside from that, we women wallow in the fact that not everyone can pull it off so a lot of us are scared to try.

My Christmas 2015 Wishlist

One crazy Friday night I sent my besties messages over FB. Instead of my traditional Christmas gift to them (and they're tired of receiving matching everything every year like panties, earrings, etc..), I'm willing to finally give them what they want for Christmas. Budget: Max P500. It definitely surprised them because this is the first time I cared about what they wanted for Christmas. But there was a catch of course. A gift I give, a gift I will receive.

Okay, so this scheme of giving out gifts wasn't purely altruistic. I realized I'm no longer a kid who gets presents every Christmas, simply because it's mandatory and it's easy to give gifts to kids (toys, books,etc...). It gets hard to get what you really want when you're older. People liked giving away shirts, mugs and picture frames mostly because they don't know what you really want (and they don't care enough to ask because they fear it's going to be too expensive) but they still like the feeling of giving you something, and you just have to be grateful they remembered.

Reflections by Tom Hussey

I never knew how painful it was to watch someone pass until I became a nurse.
Those priceless few moments you get to spend with a stranger, listen to their stories over and over again and hold their hand when they get depressed over their health status. They say time is the one thing you can never take back, and when a stranger passes before your eyes, you realize how easily life can be taken away. You didn't have to be a warlock to prevent death. You just had to be there to witness life.

I remember this one old lady I took care of once. She was a funny one. She was always thankful each time a nurse entered and gave her her medication. Even though the nurse came to change her IV, which was quite painful, she was thankful still. She'd tell me stories each time I enter her room to take her vitals. Her daughter would roll her eyes because maybe she's heard those stories for the millionth time. She'd stay ecstatic talking about it anyway. She would signal her daughter to give the nurses extra fruits she receives from her children everyday. It was very thoughtful.

Time came when her doctor came with her lab results. It wasn't pretty. In fact, for the first time, I saw her usual smiling face turn into a melancholic smile, a smile that tried so hard to keep her sadness to herself. Of course, as a nurse I had to try my best to comfort her even though I really have no idea how to ease a person's suffering, let alone someone near their time. It's the end of my duty anyway so I sat there and listened to her.

WhateverBabe Goes to Blogapalooza 2015

Blogapalooza is the country's premiere event for bloggers. It's an annual convention of bloggers and businesses aimed to establish a sort of blogger to business relationship, a win-win environment for both parties. It also seeks to celebrate the rise of blogging and to promote responsible media.

"Blogapalooza started in 2011 with an annual Blogapalooza event that run for a day. It was an invite only event that only Bloggers and Businesses can attend. The rule was simple, Businesses present their products / services and build relationships with the Bloggers, while Bloggers get to see what’s new and network with Businesses to make deals happen."

I've always wanted to attend this event for years now but have been too scared to go there alone.  I've been an online poltergeist for such a long time, you know. Selling myself never came across my mind until I got curious about how it really feels to be physically available to sponsors. I have also made new blogger friends and I figured I could make more in this event. 

I'll never really get used to introducing myself as a blogger to people, the way a business person does. Accompanied by a box of personally designed business cards printed by AlphaDigitalPrinting, I finally got the confidence I needed to attend this "Business to Blogger" event. 

Few things I needed to prepare before I send myself to battle: a handy smart phone with an unlimited one day wifi, an extra bag ready for freebies and strong arms to get me through the day. There's going to be a lot of gimmicks where in order to win something, you have to post something on social media or hurt your arms trying to fan off leaves (Thanks SnipePH). So gotta be ready for that as well.

Without further ado, here's a Blogapalooza experience straight from a newbie's point of view.

My Life Lately Vol.1: On Blogging, Career Change and the Uneventful LDR

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I figured I should write an update on myself like I used to when I started blogging. I missed having to treat this space as an online diary--a space to let out all my carefully articulated emotions, and ultimately cry on the process if not finish a whole tray of Doritos just to soothe my nerves. 

October, out of all the months this year, has overwhelmed me the most. I never had such a surge of energy in my life and I almost feel like crawling back in my shell, scared of all the great things that suddenly came popping one after the other. It's stupid and crazy I know. I should be grateful for every opportunity that came barging through my front door. But I couldn't help but have these two voices in my head: One with the dragon fighting spirit that's ecstatic and wants to take responsibility of everything, and another that wants absolutely nothing to do with anything. Is this just part of being a Gemini, or being a fickle woman who over-analyzes everything and concludes nothing in the end?

I needed to take a short hiatus to think things through and get in touch with what I really want versus the random things I push myself to do just cause. I think ten days of Dixie Chicks, Youtube Yoga and a little traipsing somewhere unfamiliar is enough to recover from the high spirits of October.

This is me naked, raw and unashamed. I hope I don't infect anyone with how over-analytical I can get.

WhateverBabe Files: Halloween 2015

Interview Magazine 2011 shoot by Mert-Marcus

Halloween is my second favorite event of the year next to Christmas because I get to unleash my creative side and freak people out with stories of the supernatural. Tales of haunted houses, spooky apparitions and cultural creatures get my blood rushing I don't know why. I've always been intrigued by the paranormal even if it's not in the spirit of Halloween. Although I have yet to get myself in an actual Halloween party, I figured I could have a link party in my blog instead. A WhateverBabe Files dedicated to the haunted celebration of Dia delos Muertos.

If you're reading this, please try and not disturb that odd kid without his eyeballs trying to read beside you.