Get Yourself a Long Hair To Go with OMGNB

via zerochan

I have a confession to make.
I'm planning to have a pixie cut by the end of the year. I'm going to dye it purple and I'm still contemplating whether I could pull it off or not. Here's my favorite inspiration photo .

I believe a shorter hair makes a woman edgier in today's generation. Judging from a couple of America's Next Top Model makeover episodes, a shorter hair is a sign of a woman's boldness. Whiny girls cry when their hair is cut short while badass women wear the androgynous do like a boss. A girl's biggest dilemma in cutting her hair short is always about missing her long hair and the plethora of hairstyles she can do with it. Aside from that, we women wallow in the fact that not everyone can pull it off so a lot of us are scared to try.

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