My Christmas 2015 Wishlist

One crazy Friday night I sent my besties messages over FB. Instead of my traditional Christmas gift to them (and they're tired of receiving matching everything every year like panties, earrings, etc..), I'm willing to finally give them what they want for Christmas. Budget: Max P500. It definitely surprised them because this is the first time I cared about what they wanted for Christmas. But there was a catch of course. A gift I give, a gift I will receive.

Okay, so this scheme of giving out gifts wasn't purely altruistic. I realized I'm no longer a kid who gets presents every Christmas, simply because it's mandatory and it's easy to give gifts to kids (toys, books,etc...). It gets hard to get what you really want when you're older. People liked giving away shirts, mugs and picture frames mostly because they don't know what you really want (and they don't care enough to ask because they fear it's going to be too expensive) but they still like the feeling of giving you something, and you just have to be grateful they remembered.

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