My Life Lately Vol.1: On Blogging, Career Change and the Uneventful LDR

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I figured I should write an update on myself like I used to when I started blogging. I missed having to treat this space as an online diary--a space to let out all my carefully articulated emotions, and ultimately cry on the process if not finish a whole tray of Doritos just to soothe my nerves. 

October, out of all the months this year, has overwhelmed me the most. I never had such a surge of energy in my life and I almost feel like crawling back in my shell, scared of all the great things that suddenly came popping one after the other. It's stupid and crazy I know. I should be grateful for every opportunity that came barging through my front door. But I couldn't help but have these two voices in my head: One with the dragon fighting spirit that's ecstatic and wants to take responsibility of everything, and another that wants absolutely nothing to do with anything. Is this just part of being a Gemini, or being a fickle woman who over-analyzes everything and concludes nothing in the end?

I needed to take a short hiatus to think things through and get in touch with what I really want versus the random things I push myself to do just cause. I think ten days of Dixie Chicks, Youtube Yoga and a little traipsing somewhere unfamiliar is enough to recover from the high spirits of October.

This is me naked, raw and unashamed. I hope I don't infect anyone with how over-analytical I can get.

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