An Art Deco Hotel in Ermita for Vintage Hipsters

I actually had nothing planned for the day but thanks to an emergency invite from a blogger friend, I was able to experience another offbeat corner of old Manila. 

For a pre-holiday treat of the local government of Ermita Malate, bloggers were invited to witness a night of Christmas caroling and gift giving for the marginalized families of the community. Mayor Ejercito Estrada opened the ceremonies and students from Philippine Women's University and Universidad de Manila spread the holiday spirit and delighted spectators around Remedios Circle.

Aside from the festivities, we were also invited to visit hotels around Ermita Malate. This treat is in the efforts of the local government to promote the district of Malate as a another cultural heritage hotspot in Manila. Lucky me, I got myself into another free historical tour.


Nestled at the corner of United Nation Avenue and Roxas Boulevard is a vintage treasure I'm sure hipster travelers would want to visit. Miramar Hotel is an art deco structure built in the 1930s and refurbished as a 3-star heritage hotel in 2009 by the President of EMBOA (Ermita Malate Business Owners Association), Ms. Michelle Pe.

The facade of the building screams antiquated elegance. Aside from the yellow and red palette, it's also brimming with pineapple finials that collectively make the building a one of a kind must-see spot in Malate. Not much of the building's history is revealed anywhere though, which is frustrating, but rest assured this building is a legit survivor of WWII and the Battle of Manila.

Walking inside the building brings an instant feel of nostalgia and a weird feeling of being sucked inside the set of Chateau Marmont (AHS Season 5 reference, sorry), where you simply had to be on your toes all the time, just in case you bump into a pair of horny poltergeists. It's also coincidental that we get to gallivant around five floors at around 7pm. It's dark, we didn't see any tourist walking around, a total paranormal experience.

Miramar Hotel has a total of 40 rooms, each complete with air conditioning, cable TV, DVD player, refrigerator, electric kettle and hair dryer. The rooms are divided into Presidential suites, Junior suites, Superior twin, Superior double, Deluxe double and Deluxe twin.

Other Room Features :
Complimentary Breakfast
Wireless Broadband Internet
NDD & IDD telephone
Private Bathroom
Smoke detector and Water Sprinkler
Piped-in music

And FYI, the management doesn't have a "forbidden room" unlike the other haunted hotels in pop media. I haven't read any ghostly encounters in the online reviews so far, but one of the bloggers we had during the tour felt presence everywhere. Boo yeah.

Ms. Michelle Pe certainly has an elegant taste for art and fashion. Every corner of the hotel interior is stylishly decorated with these commissioned art deco paintings that sort of resemble those of the first editions of Vogue. We're back in the 1930s, baby.

Just like the facade, the interior is also filled with hidden pineapple finials and hard geometric patterns.
These dusty chandeliers just bring the authenticity in an old-fashioned, but still chic art deco hotel.
1034-36 Roxas Blvd corner UN Avenue, Ermita, Manila. Philippines 1000
Tel. No. (632) 523 4484 to 86 | Fax (632) 526 18 66 | (+63)915-4462115

Sea Nymph

Sitting in front of my laptop one cold rainy day made me realize, I haven't been drawing in such a long time! After I detached myself a bit from freelancing and accepting commissioned artworks, I started to miss hurting my right hand on some detailed ink work. I'm really in love with black and white anything, as well as pin-up(ish) anime.

This time I'm not sure but I wanted to draw a girl with a bubbly booty and fabulous hair. I'm a little obsessed with drawing detailed hair and since I have no patience to try and draw a life-like hair, I preferred to do something like this. It's a rare occasion that I finish an illustration in one sitting, because I'm an easily distracted person but I definitely did it, got what I imagined and I'm happy about it. Let me guys know what you think.

Serenity-themed Prom Dresses by PromTimes

Last night I had a weird dream about a 30-something woman who wore a fancy flapper attire. She held my hand and told me bluntly, "You're never getting married." A lot of things happened in my dream but this one really disturbed me days after.

Not that I'm considering marriage anytime soon, but I don't think that dream is a premonition or anything. I got to thinking that it's almost a few weeks left before my best friend's wedding and I'm still batshit undecided as to what I'm going to wear. Unlike the bride, who simply wants to get things over with, I want my first walk down the aisle as perfect and magical as possible. And I'm still stuck overthinking about my attire, with nothing decided at the end of the day. Maybe the dream was a stern warning about finding my perfect maid of honor dress before the wedding or else, who knows.

#YouBlogYou Vol. 1

I'll never get enough of answering personal questions. It's just fun writing about your personal opinion about anything. This time it's a #YouBlogYou series created by Louisechelle. It's a link up party that's sort of like the Liebster, just without the unnecessary "award" word and you know, looking for blogs with a small following (because that's a real hassle). YouBlogYou is a series for bloggers to answer 11 questions, which would be posted every Tuesday by Louisechelle. A Complete HR Department at the Touch of your Fingertips

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It's great when you have the HR to take care of your monthly contributions when you're an employee but the moment you decide you want to be your own boss, be it a freelancer or an owner of an SME, paying your monthly contributions on top of your bills, could be a real hassle. Just imagine the lines here in Manila, and going through the traffic before and after. It can take the whole day for ONE successful transaction. Seriously, it's no wonder I'm a part of the statistic of people who failed to update their contributions for more than a year.

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WhateverBabeShop Holiday SALE 2015!

I can't believe it's almost been a year since I started peddling my products in hospitals and schools here in Metro Manila. It just overwhelms me that a lot of people still appreciate the products that are mass produced by a single person. Yes, from conceptualization to labor to marketing, I've only relied on myself. I've found that it has been a very potent tool for me to go out my comfort zone and try on the shoes of a raketera. Because of this desperate need to make money outside my day job, I was able to prove to myself that I'm not an unlucky person when it comes to careers. I was just too lazy to go chase after what I really want. And baby, being an entreprenurse aside from being a fulltime blogger feels bloody awesome.

As a gesture of gratitude to everyone: every student, nurse, teacher, review trainers and fellow entreprenurses who made my small business Pocket Nursing Guides a success within a year, here's a holiday treat from WhateverBabeShop!

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Photo by Jeini
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