Serenity-themed Prom Dresses by PromTimes

Last night I had a weird dream about a 30-something woman who wore a fancy flapper attire. She held my hand and told me bluntly, "You're never getting married." A lot of things happened in my dream but this one really disturbed me days after.

Not that I'm considering marriage anytime soon, but I don't think that dream is a premonition or anything. I got to thinking that it's almost a few weeks left before my best friend's wedding and I'm still batshit undecided as to what I'm going to wear. Unlike the bride, who simply wants to get things over with, I want my first walk down the aisle as perfect and magical as possible. And I'm still stuck overthinking about my attire, with nothing decided at the end of the day. Maybe the dream was a stern warning about finding my perfect maid of honor dress before the wedding or else, who knows.

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