I Love Me February Instagram Prompts

From the day Instagram was invented, I've always been telling myself "You can upload photos on Facebook anyway, why Instagram?" I never understood the purpose of Instagram until last year when I actually tried it. Instagram is an app that documents your life in photos. It's not just invented for vanity or for business but for sharing your world with others through photos. And it's a good medium to spread good vibes.

I've seen and joined a couple of Instagram prompts online especially from Gala Darling and a few from Pinterest, and I figured, what better month to open an Instagram challenge but on February? Not only is this month about dating and relationships, it's also about you and falling in love with yourself!

I admit I felt so much better trying out an Instagram challenge. I didn't post on the regular but the process of thinking about what I'm going to put up sends me into a quick meditative mood. Thinking about the prompt helps me look within as to Who I Am, and how I want the world to know ME through the photos I'm uploading. Images have a powerful way of influencing how you feel, and so this month I would like to welcome y'all to partake in this little Instagram party I call "I Love Me February". There are only three rules to this fun gimmick.

1. It's an Instagram challenge so try to post on the regular as much as possible but in the event that you miss a few, it's okay to keep up by typing in the caption for what day of the I Love Me February Instagram prompt is the image for.
2. Get creative. And maybe put some humor to it. I'm sure not every prompt applies to everybody but just for fun, try uploading your own version or interpretation. 
3. Don't forget to use the #hashtag #ILoveMeFebruary so I can see and like your photos.

At the end of the month I'll be putting up a montage of all your beautiful photos in my blog so I'm really excited for this. I hope you are too. Let's get started!

Of course, we all love a good selfie and since this month is all about you, let's start with your gorgeous selfie. Get dolled up. Experiment with a new palette. Smize, girl!

Nail arts are LOVE. What nail art are you currently crushing on? What's on your nails right now?

Would you like to dye your hair? Try a side shave perhaps? And if you're lovin' your new do, this is the perfect time to flaunt it.

They say never be ashamed of your past. Post your geekiest, most unstylish and awkward selfie from ages and be proud of it.

Think about getting stranded on an island ALONE. What's the one thing you can't imagine living without?

Puns are horrible but cute love puns are an exception, especially when they're in an adorable illustration. Tickle me.

When we all have our own different preferences when it comes to celebrity crushes, I guess we can all agree that Zayn Malik is forever.

Are you a collector of anything? Showcase your not-so-secret stash of your favorite stuff. Food is a great example.

Looking back at how you were in your early teens, what would you have advised yourself?

A piece of wisdom to inspire positive thinking and good vibes.

Remember that band you have been obsessing with? Or a tv character you really looked up to? Be it real people or fictional ones, as long as they made a huge impact in your childhood self, post it!

Get a little artsy fartsy! Feature your personal artwork or an art of your favorite artist.

Either something that makes you really happy in your moments of solitude or something you really like that nobody knows about.

Why don't we dedicate Valentines' day to Chocolate? Chocolate will always be sweet, a little bitter sometimes but it will never cheat on you.

Day 15: "[NAME], I LOVE YOU"
If you were to say I Love You to anyone, who would that be? It doesn't always have to involve romance, you know.

Your ultimate travel wishlist. A place you've always dreamed of visiting. Fictional places are welcome.

Day 17: MY BFF
While we may not have a lot of friends, there will always be that someone who has been there with you through thick and thin. Show him/her some love.

A singer/ band whose album and Spotify playlist you've been looping the whole day. You may not be obsessed with them but you know their music gets you.

Could be your meal of the day, a dish you're currently craving or an entree that warms you up on the inside. Get everyone drooling.

What is that one piece of wardrobe you bought just for yourself and not for anyone else to see? Something you made? Or something your crazy aunt gave you on Christmas day? I'm curious!

Try and draw yourself. Cartoonize a photo of yourself. Not all of us are gifted with a good hand for drawing but this is just for fun. Enjoy!

Day 22: THANK YOU...
If you have to be thankful about anything or anyone in particular, this is the right time to show it.

Part of loving yourself is getting fit and healthy. You can either post your favorite yoga position, your workout outfit or a good before and after photo you've worked on for some time.

Day 24: I SUPPORT...
What's a particular advocacy that you like to show your support? In order to enable change we must spread awareness.

Write a short love letter to yourself ten years from now. Remind him/her of the things you are fighting for at this moment and the things you hope she already achieved by that time. Show her some love and support.

After a previous tearjerking post, let's lighten up the mood with something that made you laugh today. Part of being happy is making others happy. Spread the happy virus.

Aside from shielding us from any nightmare, Dream catchers are believed to be ethereal symbols of a peaceful mind and of beauty from within. Best of all, they're really pretty.

One of the most famous methods of coping with stress is shopping. What's on top of your wishlist? What's the one thing you want to have as soon as possible? Let's manifest this on Instagram.

You can post here your favorite #ootd photo, or a style inspiration or basically anything that ignites the fashionista in you. 

WhateverBabe Files: January 2016

via NatalieBowenDesigns

The dawn of a new beginning starts with an intensive clean up. Whether it be your front lawn that's infested with new year's eve remnants or your inner consciousness that needs some cleansing, the first month of the year is usually the time to do all that. Coupled with the power of goal setting, personal cleansing is an effective way to get the bad out and let the good in.

My January started with Mercury retrograde. This meant a disappointing financial investment which made for a disappointing dress and an emergency dress shopping a day before my scheduled leave for Albay, a sprained left ankle during and after the 15-hour zero degree ride and two weeks off the internet. The latter being the worst. While this phenomenon would usually plummet me to the verge of depression, this time it gave me enough time to examine myself by bringing me back to where I came from.

Aside from being welcomed by a new family, who invited me for a 2-week stay after the wedding, I'm really grateful for the life lessons I allowed the universe to inculcate in me in those days. I learned that I'm having first world problems and that most of them are self-destructive. Quarter life crisis is actually a myth. I learned that the hard way--in tears and in a heartfelt conversation with another friend going through it. There's no such thing unless you keep on comparing yourself with other people, and giving as much of a fuck as to what others are thinking. The truth is sometimes you're the only one assuming what they'd be thinking.

Indeed it has been 5 years since college graduation, and I realized every person has an individualized ladder to success. A license doesn't really assure you of anything. You may get laid off from work or get cheated on, but everything happens for a good reason. Opportunities present themselves to us at the exact time they're supposed to and maybe we just have to be patient and wait for it.
"Sometimes, it's just not for us. The job, the interview, the man, or, in this case, the crown...sometimes, it's just for someone else. Not because they are better, more qualified, prettier, nicer, superior to us, but because it is their opportunity, not ours. And that's okay, because our opportunities - our job, our interview, the man of our dreams - are not for them either. They're ours. And they're often right on the other side of rejection."
- Olivia Jordan, Ms. USA-Universe 2015

How to have a better sex with your mind as explained by Meditation guru Ora Nadrich.

Getting to know the women behind the Ziegfeld Girls.

A brief history lesson on Pinoy Expressions

A Look at the Paternoster: the obsolete revolving elevator of the 19th century

Incorrect popularized images from history, and their more accurate explanation.
 Snow White in Watercolor
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Quirky Photo Manipulations
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A 93-year old Model
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Bedazzled LIPS
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Straight from the World of Inception
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Fashion Illustrations by Esther Bayer

Since Rose Quartz and Serenity, with a touch of galaxy, are so in rage right now, I'd like to feature a few of my favorite ethereal fashion illustrations by Canada-based artist Esther Bayer. Her classic Hollywood glam style fused with an ultra feminine watercolor medium has really evoked an interest in me, and I bet you'll be smitten as well.  

"I am an illustrator and designer. Faces and expression have always fascinated me. My work strives to capture expression and mood. I love to experiment. I’m quite versatile and often employ various methods to create my illustrations. I love the fluidity of watercolor and ink and the control of  pencils, precision ink pens, and digital elements. I frequently combine traditional and digital elements; I think that there is beauty in both and together the possibilities are endless."
-Esther Bayer

"I love playing with fashion and beauty; I admire it as an art form in itself. I frequently draw inspiration from fashion. I think that fashion illustrations fit really well with the sort of aesthetic that I’ve developed."
-Esther Bayer via creativefluff

Website | Etsy | Facebook | Twitter 

Incredible Pinoy Bloggers Volume V

I'm really getting the hang of discovering new blogs and meeting new and interesting people through this simple blog feature. Let me introduce to you guys three empowered female bloggers for the first month of 2016.

Kai Darul of LilPink: A Hijabi's Blog
http://www.lilpink.info | Lifestyle
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

A modest lifestyle blog of a Muslim hijabi from the Philippines.

A Link to your all-time favorite post.
Speaking for my High School Alma Mater Baccalaureate Services

What inspired you to blog?
"It was when Friendster opened Friendster Blogs when I was introduced to blogging. I love the feeling of being able to speak my mind and share my thoughts. That's why I haven't looked back ever since I stepped into the blogosphere 8 years ago."
Do you have other passions aside from blogging?
"I love reading, writing and anything I can think of. As long as it is fun, I would do and love it."

Share your most memorable blogging experience.
"I am not famous or anything. But when people across the street recognize me because they read my blog, it always makes a mark in my heart. Moreover, this year, I was able to launch a website for my fellow Filipina Muslims. It is one of my greatest achievements."

Share your blogging goals this 2016
"In 2016, I plan of expanding Hijabi Mag and writing more articles for it. Moreover, I also plan of being more serious about my personal blog, Lilpink."

How has blogging made an impact in your life?
"It widened my network, my perspective and my writing skills. Although I have always loved writing, blogging made me love it even more."

Think of one FICTIONAL character you dream of interviewing. Why did you choose him/her and what questions would you ask.
"I don't read much fiction books nor watch a lot of movies. So, can I just pick a non-fictional character? And it would be Dian Pelangi, a fashion designer and successful blogger from Indonesia. She is just 6 months older than I am, but is extremely successful in her chosen fields - fashion designing and blogging. I want to know how she did it and how she managed all the stress. :)"

Your favorite life mantra
"Nothing is impossible when you persevere and do everything in your capacity to achieve it."

Diane Cheng
https://dianecheng.wordpress.com/ | Lifestyle
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

My blog mainly focuses on beauty but I wouldn't say that it's my niche because I also want to explore on other things.

A Link to your all-time favorite post.
iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizer Whitening Vita Review

What inspired you to blog?
"I keep a journal and I love to share what’s in my mind so I got inspired to blog. I thought, why not share the world what's been going on in my mind."
Do you have other passions aside from blogging?
"I love art and digital designing besides blogging."

Share your most memorable blogging experience.
"I would say that my most memorable experience in blogging was meeting and hanging out with other bloggers in events."

Share your blogging goals this 2016
"1. To have my own domain name.
2. To create more high quality content without losing my personality.
3. To profit from my blog.
4. To widen my blogging network.
5. To engage to more readers."

How has blogging made an impact in your life?
"Blogging is like a blank canvas where I can lay down all my thoughts and it helps remove the cloud in my mind. That's how blogging made an impact to my life. It relaxes me in my different ways and absorbs whatever mood I have without complaining."

Think of one FICTIONAL character you dream of interviewing. Why did you choose him/her and what questions would you ask.
"I would probably choose to interview SUE of Fantastic 4.

1. What do you feel about being invisible?
2. How does it feels to disappear from everyone's sight whenever you wish to?
3. What does it feel when you levitate?"

Your favorite life mantra
"Everything happens for a reason. Things take time but open your eyes to possibilities."

Remedios Lucio of The HodgePodge Lifestyle
http://www.hodgepodgelifestyle.com | Lifestyle
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

A lifestyle and current events website about anything and everything worth talking about under the sun.

A Link to your all-time favorite post.
Tinto, Bandeja Paisa, Aguardiente & the Taste of Medellin, Colombia (Part 3)

What inspired you to blog?
"It's my passion to write (lifestyle, feature stories) since I was young and I love photography (landscapes, black and white photographs). I wanted to continue honing my craft and have something to call my own. Since I've always dreamed of having my own magazine, I decided to begin by having my own website, The HodgePodge Lifestyle. I've also wanted to work at my favorite magazine the Reader's Digest but I never got the chance to do so. It started merely as a hobby when I was still working in media, The Manila Times and ABS-CBN Publishing; and before I left the country to work with the AIESEC international organization in Colombia and Malaysia to teach English and work in a foreign newspaper."
Do you have other passions aside from blogging?
"Apart from writing and photography, it would be singing. I pursued writing and photography after studying journalism and photography from The Manila Times School of Journalism and University of the Philippines. As for singing, I was trained vocally since high school until college at the University of the Philippines so I really thought I was going to pursue singing after college or joining a theater group but I didn't and instead continued my love for writing and photography after learning that the oldest newspaper in Manila has its very own specialized journalism school."

Share your most memorable blogging experience.
"The most memorable experience was winning the lifestyle award at the recently held Bloggys 2015 Philippine Blogging Awards. It was an honor to be recognized for my craft as The HodgePodge Lifestyle became 1 of the 6 finalists out of all the hundreds of bloggers nominated. It was very unexpected but I'm really glad to make my family proud!"

Share your blogging goals this 2016
"It's to balance both lifestyle and current events features on The HodgePodge Lifestyle; to gain more readers and followers; to have another recognition from another award giving body and to write more interesting stories for our readers."

How has blogging made an impact in your life?
"It has paved way to so many things for me and it has been quite an adventure. I've met different people from all walks of life; traveled to places I thought I would never visit; eaten exotic foods and other delicious cuisines; featured people who helped Filipinos during the Typhoon Yolanda; and so much more. It has also opened a lot of other opportunities in my career; honed my craft in both writing and photography; and I've also learned a lot about marketing, social media and IT. "

Think of one FICTIONAL character you dream of interviewing. Why did you choose him/her and what questions would you ask.
"There are so many people I would love to interview but since it's a fictional character then perhaps Professor Annalise Keating from How To Get Away From Murder as her character is really interesting. At first I thought she was  simply a good lawyer but digging deeper she has so many secrets, she is quite lonely but appears so tough but she's really great in the courtroom. So definitely it will be a very interesting and dynamic interview if she was a real person!"

Your favorite life mantra
"I've always believed in pursuing your ultimate passions in life and you're lucky if you already know what it is early on. I've experienced doing a job that I really enjoy and earning less as well as having a job that I hate but I was earning more. I must say I was very happy with the former compared to the latter basing from experiences for the past few years as a professional. It's really true that you should pursue and do what you're passionate about in life because the fulfillment you get at the end is incomparable to anything else. It's indeed very rewarding! 

Moreover, my mom and grandfather taught me to work really hard and have patience as nothing is gained quickly in life without all of these. I also believe in having a strong faith in God which was instilled to us while growing up by my grandparents who are Roman Catholic. "

Once again, thanks to all who filled out my form. Your responses are being queued for the following months so stay tuned.