Fashion Illustrations by Esther Bayer

Since Rose Quartz and Serenity, with a touch of galaxy, are so in rage right now, I'd like to feature a few of my favorite ethereal fashion illustrations by Canada-based artist Esther Bayer. Her classic Hollywood glam style fused with an ultra feminine watercolor medium has really evoked an interest in me, and I bet you'll be smitten as well.  

"I am an illustrator and designer. Faces and expression have always fascinated me. My work strives to capture expression and mood. I love to experiment. I’m quite versatile and often employ various methods to create my illustrations. I love the fluidity of watercolor and ink and the control of  pencils, precision ink pens, and digital elements. I frequently combine traditional and digital elements; I think that there is beauty in both and together the possibilities are endless."
-Esther Bayer

"I love playing with fashion and beauty; I admire it as an art form in itself. I frequently draw inspiration from fashion. I think that fashion illustrations fit really well with the sort of aesthetic that I’ve developed."
-Esther Bayer via creativefluff

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