Dramatic Backless Wedding Gowns by Cocomelody

While this month-long unpaid "Love" holiday may be the spring of prom and first dates, it may also be the perfect time to collect your balls and ovaries and finally seal the deal with that ultra special someone. February will always be that one month in the whole year when Love is remembered and celebrated. What more clever way to avoid forgetting your anniversary in your 50's, right?

 More than a thousand couples get married every single day this February and while some brides may have everything figured out, others are still batshit confused looking for that perfect gown, or in rare cases, the perfect seamstress. If you're one of those brides who are still cramming for your wedding dress and can't find a decent seamstress who gets your style, then February is also the best time to get your hands on these fabulous backless wedding dresses by Cocomelody

 Wedding gowns are now created with stylish and elegant cuts that make for a sexy bride. Classy and sassy at the same time, baring a little skin on the red carpet to forever is the current style trend of modern brides. Whether you're the type of bride that's into lace or satin, having an open back wedding dress could definitely add the "Elegant on the front, flirty on the back" kind of flavor to your most memorable day. 

"Once upon a perfect night, unclouded and still, there came the face of a pale and beautiful lady. The tresses of her hair reached out to make the constellations, and the dewy vapours of her gown fell soft upon the land."
-Kit Williams

 Cocomelody is currently giving out discounts up to 70% on back interest gowns. Imagine that, the perfect dress at a perfect price. And no monthly fitting schedules. Your dream backless gown on a click of a button. Hurry up and grab the sexiest backless wedding dress you've been eyeing on now.

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