Valentines Day Treats 2016

Happy Valentines' Day everyone! I'm wishing everyone all the love and everything peachy this day of love. No bitterness, no grief, no jealousy, only love, love and more love. Valentines' Day is not all about couples anyway. It's about Love per se. Whether platonic or romantic, Valentines' Day is the perfect day to celebrate relationships--with yourself first, and with the people who matter the most to you. This will be the first Valentines' Day, after a long time, that I'll be celebrating with my mom (for a change). I feel extra grateful because I don't really get a lot of opportunities to treat her out. It's always been Mico and I. The universe has given me this golden opportunity to shower my mom with love outside the typical Mothers' Day, and I'm really, really grateful.

To kickstart my I Love My Mom Day, I decided to get myself on Pinterest and collect the best Valentines Day Treats that's not only sweet but well thought of. I think this is the second time I've shared food inspirations in my blog and I really hope I become consistent on this. LOL

Whoever you may be spending this day with, even if you're part of the larger statistic of people who'd rather spend Valentines' Day alone, it's always an amazing gift to yourself to stop stressing out and have a little fun for once.

It's time to get bitten by the love bug and get bakin'!

Red Velvet Oreo Trifles in a Jar
via lifeloveandsugar

Red Velvet Chocolate-Swirled Brownie Bars
via averiecooks

Shot Through The Heart Cake Pops
via hellolittlehome

Smores Lava Cakes
via lecremedelacrumb

Fluffer Nutter Stuffed Oreos
via thedomesticrebel

Valentine's Day Cutest Chocolate Covered Pretzels
via thepaperpinata

Mini Triple Chocolate Cheesecakes
via garnishandglaze

Mini Coconut Raspberry Valentine’s Day “Naked” Rosette Cakes
via minibaker

Valentines Day Marshmallow Wands
via twosisterscrafting

Valentines Heart Macarons
via livforcake

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