EDM Sunburn Music Festival and Cool Rave Outfits to Try

Going to an EDM Party at the beach is totally one of the highlighted items on my bucket list. Especially because I realized lately that I haven't been enjoying life as much, I figured I needed to party a lot more this year. Now, I'm not about #AllOutYOLO but only a little bit of that just to ease the tension from work and the daily stresses of life. I yearn to go somewhere unfamiliar, meet new people and capture memories. 

25 Things My Birthday Made Me Realize

Etno series photographed by Ula Koska

Last June 12, as my nation celebrated its Independence Day, I celebrated my 25th year in existence. Now, I don't want to sound cocky about the whole "25 years in existence" because as an adult, that's how birthdays make me feel--not old but acknowledged. 

Although I kind of spent my birthday at work (hey, double pay, right?), got my buddies pizza, chicken and oreo chewies, it still overwhelmed me that people, even those I haven't spoke with in years, would go out of their way to send me a greeting thru Facebook. It's cool to have your birthday on your profile because it reminds people that you ought to be acknowledged for surviving another year. It may only take a tenth of a minute to send someone a Happy Birthday greeting, but it's always sure to warm the celebrant's heart, no matter how half-assed it may have been worded (HBD, may be the laziest greeting but hey, they bothered to send you a greeting nevertheless.)

I actually don't get it when people try to "test" their friends by removing their birthdate on their profiles, and calling on them for forgetting. In a busy world that we live in, in this day and age, as much as birthdays are important dates to remember, people still ought to be reminded. Honestly, dates are the hardest things to memorize, and without Facebook reminders, I would most likely forget even my family's birth dates.

Running through such a long list of people who greeted me yesterday was what made me feel extra awesome. Seriously, I almost cried! That's how emotional I can get for being acknowledged. It's simply one of the best feelings in the world. Apart from the flowers and gifts I received from my loved ones, of course.

Chemworld Fragrance Factory Opens its 16th Branch at BGC Stopover

Last week, together with the grand opening of SkinStationChemworld Fragrance Factory, a sister company, also held its so-called back to back grand opening at the 3rd Level, BGC Stopover, Taguig City. CFF celebrates their 11th year in business with the opening of its flagship store in Taguig alongside its 14th and 15th branches at Fairview Terraces and SM North Edsa.

This is exciting news for DIYers and raketeras in BGC! The perfect do-it-yourself store for fragrances is now in town! Chemworld Fragrances has a wide array of ingredients, scents, and bottles used for perfume-making. Whether you're into concocting your own unique scent, or you're planning to have a part-time business, this is the store to check out.

Skin Station Opens their 30th Branch at BGC Stopover

For a girl who came from the province, where I had only one go-to skin clinic, finding a reputable dermatology clinic in the busy streets of Manila can be quite a handful. There are a ton of skin clinics everywhere and you never know if they're certified, how their services are and if they're going to upsell you on a bunch of expensive add ons that will never work. For 5 years I never had any facial, and my vanity's screaming for one right now. That's why I'm glad to have found Skin Station!

I remember trudging through the crazy laser tag game at Skin Station's booth last Blogapalooza 2016. I won a bunch of freebies and a 1500 worth of Diode Laser treatment (which I really NEEDED).

I was fortunate to have received a text message from Ms. Abi immediately after the event. She invited me to the grand opening of their 30th branch at BGC Stopover Pavillion last Tuesday May 31st. It's a back to back opening with Chemworld Fragrances, which is a sister company. Although I only had an hour's worth of time to check it out (I get off at 2, and my office is just a block away), I really felt as if I was meant to go here. You know me, I'm such a coincidence believer. And probably, it's about time I give me some good ol' pampering.

Things to Avoid during Mercury Retrograde

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Have you experienced having that one day (that sometimes stretches to a week) where everything that can turn shitty, TURNS shitty? Like your phone starts messing up right when the Uber driver's arriving at your location, the internet suddenly disappears in the middle of your game, your laptop gets this untimely shutdown and restart before you can save the file you've been working on for hours. Then the days of horror continue. Your appointments get rescheduled, flights get cancelled, nobody seems to understand you and your Game of Thrones Season 6 torrent stops downloading at 99%.

Believe it or not, this is all because of Mercury Retrograde, and maybe a few minor factors that you simply won't admit to yourself (yeah, I get it. It's never your fault). 

Mercury retrograde is a phenomenon that happens when Mercury pauses and slightly rotates the other way around before it approaches the earth's orbit. Astrologically speaking, Mercury rules communication, travel, and technology so when it's on retrograde, havoc's gonna happen to these aspects in your life. And this is likely to occur 3-4 times a year. Yikes!